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New Hello Kitty products

I have to thank Katrina Strauss for these latest additions to my Weird Hello Kitty collection.
A bottle of Hello Kitty wine: Blogging It with Katrina Strauss
Check out the links! My personal favorite is Hello Kitty 08 Devil :)
I also came across Katrina's post about Naoe Kanetsugu and did some research of my own only to come up with a Hello Kitty samurai.
Here I give you the original and the end product. More detailed transformation is in Katrina's journal :)


We've got company!!!

Which "We've got company" line is your favorite?
Mine is definitely "Luc, we gonna have company!" lol


Mar. 10th, 2010

Does everybody remember my post about Hello Kitty Vibrator Masturbator?
Well, I just visited www.japanator.com and I have to tell you - there is no end to HK amazing products.

Take a look at this


and this (contributed by Rangoric)

Amazon is killing me... again!

OK, so I get on Amazon to look for this:

Details @ amazon

What do I get with my search? This:

Details @ amazon

I am truly scared to deal with amazon lately! >:|

(Minami Megumi is not exactly a sweet little angel either - I know, I know!
But I am not afraid of her! LOL )

Xerox - Let's Say Thanks

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More funny cats

And for this - too!

Tough sleeping on the ceiling
- keep loosing the throw

The throw.

Instant facelift.